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Add a Personal Touch to your Customer Service

09 June 2017

Adding a personal touch to your customer service can help you deftly resolve problems and keep your customers satisfied. Here’s how to make it more personal: • It’s important to have the right people handling your customer service. People who share your company’s vision and who enjoy helping others. Their...

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A Promise of Savings with MPS- Kept

09 March 2017

Gartner, Inc., the world’s leading information technology research and advisory company, released a report that claimed a 1 to 3% of an organization’s entire annual revenues were deployed to cover internal printing costs. Later, International Datagroup (IDC) independently confirmed the logic of these estimates. This suggests a total global spending...

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Color Makes Good Business Sense

16 February 2017

What is it about color that makes business communications more powerful than black and white? Recent studies show that using color and graphics in sales and marketing materials has a significant impact on customers. Just take a look at the following facts: • Readers decide to read or toss out...

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Avoid Burnout: Achieving Work-Life Balance

27 January 2017

In this struggling economy, many employees feel fortunate to have jobs right now. But the fact is that recession-induced layoffs at some companies have left remaining employees responsible for larger workloads. Though juggling the demands of your career and personal life is an ongoing challenge, try these helpful tactics to...

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Automated Capture & Workflow

09 December 2016

Capture software reads information from scanned documents and uses it to automatically index documents in a document-management system. Then, the information is published to a database. Workflow software takes this to the next level by streamlining the flow of information through a business process. It includes packages that automatically capture...

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Aligning IT with Business Strategy

16 November 2016

Businesses today rely heavily upon IT functionality and support. IT resources can quickly become overextended and take away from important business operations. However, aligning IT functions with your core business strategy will enable you to leverage your resources optimally, saving money, preventing unnecessary burdens on IT and bottlenecks in operations....

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Document management can help green your business

30 September 2016

Document Management enables you to digitize the paper-driven processes in your office, promoting efficiency and optimizing your use of resources. Converting manual paper processes into automatic electronic processes has become increasingly popular with companies all over, and with good reason. Besides providing businesses with savings in both time and money,...

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