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Color Makes Good Business Sense




16 February 2017

What is it about color that makes business communications more powerful than black and white? Recent studies show that using color and graphics in sales and marketing materials has a significant impact on customers.

Just take a look at the following facts:

Readers decide to read or toss out a direct mail piece in 2.5 seconds.

Reader attention span is increased up to 82% when color is used.

Color makes an impression that’s 39% more memorable.

People are 55% more likely to pick up a full-color piece of mail first.

Color helps sell up to 80% more.

Color can improve brand recognition by up to 80%.

Not only does color capture attention, but it also increases readers’ attention spans and recall. Color also increases the ease with which documents can be identified, sorted and filed. This in turn reduces the number of people and hours required to complete arduous office tasks. Using color to emphasize critical internal and external correspondence; and of course, marketing material conveys a sense of professionalism. First impressions, after all, are lasting.







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