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Shaping young minds is about more than just books and teachers. A school’s infrastructure can make it a more welcoming place, where getting work done is easy, even when the homework is hard.

From K-12 to higher education, we strive to help schools provide the best environment they can for students, faculty, and staff. An environment where information flows freely and meets the changing needs of students and faculty, and everyone works together toward a better education—and a better place to get one. Below are some of the education solutions we offer call us today to learn more. ​​​​​​​

Records that will outlast but not overwhelm you

Your institution has a venerable legacy — and a venerable stash of countless paper records. Ricoh’s K-12 Student Records Management and Records Management Solutions for Higher Education let you take control. Through a combination of hardware, software, and process improvements, we’ll work with your records (both new and legacy) to digitize and store them with improved security. And because they’ll be properly tagged and categorized, you can easily find the information you need.

Applications made easy

There are few aspects of higher education more paper- and labor-intensive than admissions and financial aid. Fortunately, Smart Technologies Admissions and Financial Aid Process Workflow Solutions are the right answer to your application headaches. Our services and technologies will convert your hard-copy documents, automate and digitize your manual, paper-based processes, and streamline your entire operation into a better experience for both you and your applicants. A world where timely feedback, easy linking of paper documents to digital records, and automatic, digital processes are the norm? Smart Technologies can make it happen.

Anytime, anywhere campus printing

Once upon a time, campus print systems were dominated by the “computer room,” and things were easier. Now, your students want to print from smartphones, laptops, tablets, and other personal devices because they—and their information—are mobile. Smart Technologies Print Management Solution for K-12 helps you navigate this mobile minefield and implement an efficient print infrastructure, including fleet management, student/faculty billing, and, yes, anytime, anywhere printing. Perfect for both higher-education and K-12, you cut down on waste, curb abuse, and reduce both costs and your environmental burden.

IT services for an IT-driven education

Education and technology are more tightly intertwined than ever before, and that means your K-12 school has IT needs. From Common Core computer-based testing to different learning styles to educational demands, what’s a school without the budget space—or dedicated IT staff—to do?

That’s where Smart Technologies IT Solutions for K-12 come in. Our experts will gladly manage your IT setup for you at a lower cost than hiring and training all new personnel. That’s something a lot of school districts—and, by extension, many taxpayers —will be glad to hear.

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