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Quality healthcare starts with your information. Whether it’s from referring physicians, from another facility, the file room down the hall, or any of a host of different digital files, your ability to grasp that information—clinical, financial, administrative—drives your healthcare. When so many different sources are involved, though, it can be hard to pull all the data together and operate efficiently. Smart Technologies healthcare solutions work with you to break those walls down and make the critical information you need accessible wherever you need it, whenever you need it. This is information mobility, and it can make your job easier.

To lower costs and improve quality of care, just look at your processes

Workflow bottlenecks can hinder productivity, which can raise costs and make meeting compliance requirements more difficult.

With our non-invasive Rapid Process Analysis, we can help you:
• Gain a true understanding of your processes
• Identify organizational logjams
• Determine ways to get around them

With work flowing smoother, performance rises, costs fall and patients are engaged for a meaningful, positive experience.

Digitize and free your information

You deal with a lot of documents, which unfortunately, can be: Slow to move between offices, departments, and people. Easily lost, stolen, or damaged. Difficult to locate when you need them.
And when your documents are lost, so too is the information locked within them. We’ll provide the tools you need to digitize your documents, store them in a central digital repository, and thoroughly index them. That means your vital information will no longer be fragmented. With tools like our Patient Chart Scanning, a new, more complete picture of your information will be available when and where you need it, ready to move at the speed of healthcare.

Accelerate your workflow and improve document access

With your information finally indexed, you’ll be able to share data from any location or source anywhere. With Smart Technologies Workflow Manager Solution at the helm, you can leverage your improved access into faster, easier clinical data processes. Your collaboration among departments, clinicians and outside stakeholders will be easier than ever before.

Better address regulatory requirements, patient data security

We can help you not only identify and eliminate inefficiencies, but also address patient data security and privacy regulations. Our Patient ID Solution for Healthcare is designed around a suite of innovative laser printers and software that offers security and superior functionality.
Our Security Solutions for Ambulatory help safeguard the multifunction printers (MFPs) that process your patient information. Our Secure Plain Paper Rx Solution for Healthcare ups the efficiency and budget gains by letting you use plain paper and virtually any printer to deliver accurate, tamper resistant prescription documents.


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